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Thank you for working so hard last week. You are all AMAZING! Please continue to send your work to the Year 3 email address :) 

Love Miss Robertson xxx

Good morning, Year 3.

Happy Friday!


Have a wonderful weekend :) Love Miss Robertson xxx

Click the link below for today's video :)

Friday timetable:


Spelling/Handwriting/ Reading activity





Story time

And time to relax!


Friday morning message

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Wednesday morning message

Thursday morning message

Relax and unwind as Miss Robertson continues to read our class book 'The nothing to see here hotel'.

Watch out! Prince Grogbah is on his way to stay!

Many thanks to Simon & Schuster UK for allowing us to read their story online :)

Chapter 12 of our story

Chapter 13 of the story

Chapter 14 of the story - What does Prince Grogbah get up to at the hotel?

Chapter 15 and 16 of the story - What is Prince Grogbah doing now?

English: This week, we will be continuing with our new class text Stone Age Boy :)

Monday 11th January: In today's lesson, I would like you to make some inferences based on the text Stone Age Boy. Click below for a video of me reading the story, explaining today's lesson and the PowerPoint slides. Enjoy :)

Miss Robertson reads Stone Age Boy

Miss Robertson explains today's English lesson

Tuesday 12th January: In today's lesson, we will be learning all about the different types of sentences. Click below for today's PowerPoint. Enjoy :)

Wednesday 13th January: In today's lesson, we will be learning all about direct speech and using inverted commas (speech marks). Enjoy :)

Watch the video below for some extra help with today's lesson if you need to.


Miss Robertson explains Wednesday's English lesson

Thursday 14th January: In today's lesson, you will be doing some more inference. What would the girl and the boy say to eachother when they first meet? I hope you enjoy this task :)

Friday 15th January: Hooray! It's Friday!  In today's English lesson, you will be combining all of the skills that you have learnt this week. I would like you to write the dialogue (conversation) between the two characters in our story. I would LOVE to see what you have written. Please send your writing to

Handwriting, spelling and reading activities:

Please click on the links below (one for each day). In each file, you will find some different handwriting, spelling and reading activities to help you to practise each skill. Please don't worry if you don't manage to complete all of the activities every day :) just do your best :)

Other Reading Activities this week

-Ask your child to read a chapter from their home reading book.

-Following this, ask your child to summarise the events from the chapter. They could bullet point what happened, create a comic strip or present the information in their own creative way.

-Encourage your child to note down any unfamiliar words from the chapter they have read. Explore the meanings of these words by using a dictionary.

-Challenge your child to read something around the house that isn't a book. They can then keep a record of all these. 

Please click on the PDF below for some useful links to support reading at home :)


This week we wil be continuing with our multiplication and division topic. For each lesson, you will find a PowerPoint with the activities on and a link to the White Rose Maths video. If you need anything else to help you, or you are struggling with anything, please email

You are all fantastic mathematicians and I know you will do brilliantly with these activities :)

Monday 11th January: Using arrays

Tuesday 12th January: Multiply by 3

Wednesday 13th January: Divide by 3

Thursday 14th January: 3 times table

Friday 15th January: Multiply by 4

Wednesday White Rose Maths video

A video from Miss Robertson to help with Wednesday's Maths

Afternoon lessons: The afternoon lessons are organised into the days of the week. Please don't worry if you complete them on a different day or in a different order :)

Monday 11th January: In today's PSHE lesson, you will be thinking about friendship and what makes a good friend. Once you have read through the PowerPoint and watched the video below, I would like you to create your own friendship recipe. I really hope you enjoy this activity :)

PHSE Friendship video

Monday 11th January: In today's lesson, you will be revising the French animals. Work through the PowerPoint and activity below. There is also a fun game at the end of the PowerPoint that you might enjoy :) Have fun! 

Bonne chance (good luck) :)

If the YouTube link in the PowerPoint doesn't work, please click on the link below.

French animals YouTube clip

Tuesday 12th January: In today's lesson, we will be starting our new topic all about Reconciliation (the special Sacrament of forgiveness). Today's lesson focuses on choices. Read through the PowerPoint below and work through the activities. 

P.E. Tuesday 12th January: Today, we are going to complete 3 warm up activities:

1. Around the word challenge

2. Climb the mountain challenge

3. The plank challenge

Look at the PDF's below for instructions on what to do.

Once you have warmed up, I would like you to try the balance activity. There is a video and an activity card with instructions on what to do. I hope you have lots of fun creating different balances and sequences :) Enjoy!

Video link to Tuesday's PE activity

History Wednesday 13th January Welcome to our new topic all about the Stone Age. I hope you enjoy this topic just as much as I do. Today's lesson is all about chronology (when things happen). Click on the link below to watch me explaining today's lesson using a very interesting prop TOILET ROLL. Then, work the activities on the PowerPoint. I would like you to make a timeline of your life and a timeline of the Stone Age. There are lots of examples on the PowerPoint. Enjoy! :)

Miss Robertson explains Wednesday's history lesson

Wednesday Word 

If you get chance, please share the Wednesday Word together. It is the Gospel message for this coming Sunday. There are always very good questions, discussion points and activities on there.

I will attach the link each week :) 

Art Thursday 14th January In today's art lesson, you will be learning all about one of the first sculptures to ever be discovered. Read through the PowerPoint and work through the activities. Please click on the link below for a video all about this famous sculpture. Have fun!

Art sculpture video

Whole school Art project: You might also like to join in with our whole school art project. Over the next few weeks, we will be exploring the work of artists who use very ordinary objects and materials to make exciting and imaginative pieces of artwork. 

You can work on these activities individually, with a sibling or as a family.

We are starting today with a German illustrator called Stefan Kuhnigk. One day, Stefan spilt some coffee on his paper. He decided to turn his coffee spill into a monster. What did he create? Take a look through th PowerPoint below and you can get creative too. Have fun!

Music Whole School Project

This week you will be learning about Vivaldi.

1. Go through the "Find out about Vivaldi" Slideshow and there is a link to find out even more information! 

2. Then, you need to complete the Creative Response Tasks. 

3. After that, there is a Quiz for you to complete too! 

A busy, musical afternoon for you! Have fun! 

Extra optional tasks:

-Write a summary about everything you have learnt in today's music lesson. 

-Create a poster/fact sheet/biography about Vivaldi

Science Friday 15th January: Today we will be starting a new topic all about animals and humans. I have decided to leave the forces and magnets topic until we are back at school so that we can do some fun experiments all together.

In today's lesson, you will be thinking about different foods and learning all about nutrients. Read through the PowerPoint below and work through the activities. I have also attached a separate document with today's worksheet (don't worry if you don't have a printer - the table can be copied onto paper). There is also an optional food diary task that you might like to complete. This will help you to think about the different nutrients in the foods you eat. Enjoy :)

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