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Good morning Year 6, I hope you are all safe and well.  As you will be able to see, on this page I am setting your home learning for the week.  It is in the same format as last November so will hopefully be easy for you to follow.

As last time, I will talk to you each morning via a video link and explain what I'd like you to complete each day.  Please remember that I don't expect for you to do everything and only want you to try your hardest, which I know you all do everyday as you are all superstars!

Also, please don't worry if you are unable to print off the work sheets.  Just answer the questions on a piece of paper or in a book.  I really don't mind, whatever you do is absolutely fantastic!

Welcome Year 6, please click on the video link below for Monday's message.

Good Morning Year 6, please click on the video link below for Tuesday's message.

Good Morning Year 6.  Please click on the link below to see Wednesday's message.

Good Morning Year 6.  Please click on the link below to see Thursday's message.

Good Morning Year 6.  Please click on the link below to see Friday's message.

Morning Task

I know how much you all enjoy our morning task activities, especially the word of the day, so I would like you to complete a morning task sheet every day this week.  They are on the document below and clearly labelled for each day.  Please continue writing your fanastic, opening paragraphs and even stories (if you'd like) including the word of the day.  It would be wonderful if you could email me these so I can read them.  You always make me so proud with the incredible way you use these words and your wonderful imagination!

Hello Year 6,

This week in Maths we will be continuing to revise fractions. I've included the White Rose support video to help you.  Don't pause the video half-way through when it says.  Let it play all the way through like we sometimes do in class :-)

Please try and complete the first sheet on each day and if you feel confident try the challenge question :-) I've also included the answers so you can mark your work like we do in class.  All of the work for the week is on the PowerPoint below.  Please remember not to worry if you're unable to complete, you can email me with your questions.   



When school was closed last November I set some work on Gadgets.  I was so impressed by all of the work you did that I have decided to give you another 'Talk for Writing' activity called 'The Door'.  I am positive that you will love it as much as your last activity.  It will really get your imagination actively working and I can't wait to see all of the excellent work you produce.

Attached below is a booklet which includes all of the activities for 7 days.  There is also a PowerPoint for you to follow.  

Everyday I will let you know in my video what I'd like you to complete.

Monday 11th January - Complete activity 1 on page 3 and activity 2 on pages 3-5. Try hard to use your imagination and describe what is behind the door.  Don't forget to think of your senses and use these in your writing. There is an example of these on pages 4 and 5. 

Tuesday 12th January - Complete activity 3.  The artistic challenge.  Create an illustration for your own door.  Write about the design you have chosen and why?  Then, complte activity 4, looking at idioms and their meanings.  I am sure you will have lots of fun working out what they mean.  Ask an adult to help if you unsure.

Wednesday 13th January - Look at the poem, 'The Door,' and complete the quetions in activity 5.  Read the extract in activity 6 and answer the comprehension questions.  Remember to use evidence from the text to explain your answers.

Thursday 14th January - Activity 7.  

A.  Read about the pattern of three when the writer has used three actions in a sentence to advance description and create a sense of pace.  Use this skill and create your own sentence including the pattern of three.

B.  Use a semi-colon to connect two independent clauses.

C.  Complete the activity looking at adverbs and placing the word in different parts of the sentence.

Friday 16th January Please complete a reading, punctuaation and grammar activity today.  

Reading, Punctuation and Grammar Activities

Please look at the power point below and choose at least one activity from the reading and the punctuation and grammar section to complete each day. 

Other Reading Activities this week

-Ask your child to read a chapter from their home reading book.

-Following this, ask your child to summarise the events from the chapter. They could bullet point what happened, create a comic strip or present the information in their own creative way.

-Encourage your child to note down any unfamiliar words from the chapter they have read. Explore the meanings of these words by using a dictionary, reading around the sentence or using print conventions.

-Challenge your child to read something around the house that isn't a book. They can then keep a record of all these. 

If you want to read some eBooks or if you have run out of your own to read (scroll down to "Books for Older Children" or "Books for Young Adults") 

Monday 11th January - Afternoon session


Music School Project

This week you will be learning about Vivaldi.

1. Go through the "Find out about Vivaldi" Slideshow and there is a link to find out even more information! 

2. Then, you need to complete the Creative Response Tasks. 

3. After that, there is a Quiz for you to complete too! 

A busy, musical afternoon for you! Have fun! 

Extra optional tasks:

-Write a summary about everything you have learnt in today's music lesson. 

-Create a poster/fact sheet/biography about Vivaldi



Monday 11th January - Afternoon session

Picture News

Have a look at this week's Picture News resource and what has been going on this week. There is a link to a virtual assembly and there are some ideas for optional follow up activities.

"How do soldiers help us in times of need?"

Tuesday 12th January - Afternoon session


Look at the power point below about different emotions.  Complete the task about when you have felt different emotions and why.  If you are able then complete the challenge activity.

Don't forget to have a look at the Action for Happiness Calendar each day too for a Happier January! :-)

Wednesday Word 

Please share the Wednesday Word together. It is the Gospel message for this coming Sunday. There are always very good questions, discussion points and activities on there.

I will attach the link each week when it is available. 

Wednesday 13th January - Afternoon session


Please try and stay as active as you can during lockdown. You may already be doing lots like: walking with your family, having a kick about or a run around your garden, practising your gymnastics or Martial Arts at home etc. But we have lots and LOTS of things to keep you moving this half-term. 

Youth Sports Trust

Have a look at the fun PE activities from the Youth Sports Trust. They can be done individually or in pairs/small groups with your family members! 

Choose one or two to do today and you can complete more as the days/term goes on. There are even videos to help you along if you can't visualise the game from the activity card.

Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks is back to get our heart rates pumping this lockdown. He will be online every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

They will be broadcast live on his YouTube channel The Body Coach TV at 9am.

If you miss any session, they will be saved so you can work out to them at any time, especially if you are working on your maths and English in the morning. They are 20 minutes each so plese try to these these! 

Primary PE Planning website

Finally, there are lots of challenges on the Primary PE Planning (PPP) website also for you to take responsibilty of your fitness too! Have a look and see if there is something you like 

Wednesday 13th January - Afternoon session

Humanities - New Topic - The Maya Civilisation

Read through the power point below about The Maya Civilisation.

Complete a mind map about the civilisation and use diagrams to illustrate your points.

Thursday 14th January - Afternoon session


Bonjour! New Topic - Les Vetements (Clothes)

Please visit the Language Angels Home School 

Username: StJose1970

Password: lahome

You might need a parent to help you set this up.

Click dashboard. We are Intermediate Challenge/Unit 7 - Les Vetements (Clothes)/Lesson 1.

In this lesson you will learn how to say different items of clothing in French. Watch the Teaching Slideshow and play the pronunciation of each word. 

There is also an option to play games based around Les Vetements. 

"S’amuser" - Have fun! 

Thursday 15th January - Afternoon session

New Topic - Evolution and inheritance

Please look at the power point below and create an information sheet about inheritance and variation.  Use diagrams to help explain your points.

Friday 15th Januarynoon- Afternoon session

KS1 & KS2 Art Project

Art from Everyday Objects and Materials

Over the next few weeks, we will be exploring the work of artists who use very ordinary objects and materials to make exciting and imaginative pieces of artwork.

You can work on these activities individually, with a sibling or as a family.

We are starting today with a German illustrator called Stefan Kuhnigk.

One day, Stefan spilt some coffee on this paper. He decided to turn his coffee spill into a monster. What did he create? Take a look through the Teaching Slideshow and you can get creating too! 

I hope you have lots of fun :-)

Friday 15th January - Afternoon session

RE - The Baptism of Jesus

Read the Gospel accounts of The Baptism of Jesus and complete the table on slide 5 of the power point.

If possible complete the challenge by writing about which part of the story you think is the most important and why?

The God who Speaks - Year of the Word

Please use this PowerPoint to use as a family for the Month of January to mark the New Year. The aim of the Year of the Word is to be a special year of focus on the Bible. During this year we are called to explore and celebrate the Word of God through the Scriptures, share the Word with others and respond to the "God who speaks" in the way that we live.

The focus is St. Mark's Gospel, but you can read any passage you wish! The Wednesday Word is an instant way to share Scripture and the meaning together each week. 

Please use the slideshow below together, read the Bible, discuss the message and maybe how we can use it in our own lives. It's up to you if you want to share a Bible story every day or once a week. There are also activity ideas for you to complete also! 


There is a link to the CAFOD website that has lots of extra resources for children that you can use for the Year of the Word too! 


If you are managing to finish all the set work for the week, here are some extra websites for more challenges/lessons/projects if you want to. Feel free to do your own and take responsibility for your own learning. Don’t forget you have your Education City Logins and you can free play through the subjects without me setting any. Hope these websites help a little bit! 

If you are looking for more...

English writing and grammar:


Maths Challenges/Revision:


Maths games:


All subjects:

BBC Bitesize Learning from home:

Oak National Academy:

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